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Welcome to our platform, where businesses connect with fractional experts, access accurate business information, funding and -learning opportunities.“SHARE was developed to empower individuals like you. For over a decade , we've cultivated an extensive network to accelerate business initiatives and provide valuable resources needed to succeed.“At SHARE, we believe in turning possibilities into realities for professional service providers and entrepreneurs.

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Access fractional experts to enhance business growth.

Gain access to fractional experts across diverse sectors prepared to elevate your business growth to new heights.

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Share offers a comprehensive suite of resources including learning opportunities, accurate business information, expert guidance, and funding options.

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We offer access to vital knowledge that empowers you to initiate and lead successful ventures and career path. Unlock your potential and start your journey to success!

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Access knowledge and information to stay updated on the latest trends, developments, and opportunities. Make strategic decisions and tap into valuable resources, thereby enhancing your chances of success.

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We connect Vetted professionals service providers with businesses. They impart guidance, support, and valuable insights, enabling budding entrepreneurs to navigate challenges and thrive.

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Access impact investors and mentors dedicated to fostering positive change through our crowdfunding platform and mentor-to-business marketplace. We aim to empower exceptional ventures, one investment at a time.
Personalized Learning for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

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Share Learn is a cutting-edge e-learning platform designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and career prospects. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur gearing up for a venture or a seasoned professional striving for skill enhancement, our platform caters to your needs.. We offer personalized learning experiences tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.Dive into our interactive courses enriched with multimedia content, real-life case studies, and expert insights for a dynamic learning results. Don't miss out on the chance to equip yourself with essential 21st-century skills.

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At SHARE, we believe in turning possibilities into realities for professional service providers and entrepreneurs.


Empowering individuals, businesses, and organizations for sustainable development


Building a sustainable digital workplace for Ethiopians with the SHARE community


Unlocking potential and driving progress for entrepreneurs


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SHARE Business is your ultimate platform for accessing fractional experts, accurate information, and investment and learning opportunities.

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